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Spirit of Denali - Art Prints

Spirit of Denali - Art Prints

by Zac Kinkade

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Thomas Kinkade Studios Art Prints are packaged in a collector’s sleeve with an official Thomas Kinkade Studios Certificate of Authenticity, featuring a tamper-evident holographic seal. Printed on high quality 11” x 14” Satin Art Paper, each piece can be purchased unframed or framed, making them a great gift for someone special or an excellent addition to your personal collection. Frame choices include classic Black, fresh White, contemporary Silver, rich Gold, and rustic Natural Wood options, perfect for any home decor.

  • Premium Paper
  • Long-life pigment inks that outperform conventional press inks
  • Certificate of Authenticity Included
  • Presented in a full size protective envelope.
  • Shipped flat in rigid packaging.
Image Notes

Throughout my childhood and into my late teens my father would take my brothers and me on "road trips" every year. We would meandor around the country and eventually visited all of the great cities and natural places the contiguous 48 states had to offer.  These trips were fun, reasonable in scope and safety contained.

But then it hit my father's fancy to truly do something "epic" as he explained, "We are driving to Alaska to see Denali National Park."  When he first stated the idea, it seemed like a natural next step in our travels and so, without question, we set out.  The whole of Alaska called and filled our imaginations.  It took weeks of travel but, as it turned out my dad was right.  Denali is indeed epic.

The trip itself ranged up past the arctic circle but of thousands of miles logged it was the sight of that mountain I will never forget.  It is said only a third of the visitors to Denali ever get to see its peak.  So high is the summit, the pinnacle is almost perpetually obscured in cloud. But on our visit the veil lifted and the sight was sublime.  

Even more with that break in weather, the park came to life. Grizzly bear fished in the salmon filled rivers. Moose wandered the lush meadows and wolves ran in packs to howl their hungry intent.  In my memory, it is like no place else on earth in terms of its scope and grandeur.

Many years have passed since that visit and I find joy in painting this scene from my boyhood recollection.   It takes me back to the mountain my father called "epic" and a trip taken with my family to see firsthand its majesty.  I hope you enjoy Spirit of Denali, and as always thank you for sharing my adventures in art.

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