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Jim Rataczak (pronounced “RAT-a-check”) entered college intending to study art, switched his major to biology, and then re-discovered his passion for art....
Wildlife art can feature a variety of elements and, perhaps surprisingly to some, not always with “wildlife” or animals as the central focus. In fact, the animals are often domesticated beasts and not really “wild” at all.

When it comes to wildlife art, most of us may not immediately think of stained glass art.

However, stained glass is a medium that is not only far more “tactile” and versatile than a traditional painting or limited edition print, but it is also uniquely beautiful. The look and visual “texture” of stained glass art pieces are dynamic and vary with the angle and source of light.

When it comes to holiday songs, nothing captures the spirit of the season like the 170 year-old American classic, Jingle Bells. And when it comes to holiday art and home décor, nothing rivals the nostalgic scenes of America’s favorite artist, Terry Redlin. So it is not surprising to discover that these two beloved American art forms have a lot in common. 
Wildlife art is a multifaceted investment. When you purchase a signed, limited edition print of beautiful art or an original piece by a known wildlife artist, you’ve acquired much more than “a piece of art.”
Get ready for Christmas this year by adding new Santa figurines to your holiday décor. Explore new outfits including a cowboy duster with a leather boot, a wool woodsman jacket with a wolf, a plaid outdoor getup, a Native American leather coat with a dreamcatcher, and much more!

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We have been working for the last several months to curate a beautiful collection of art, décor, and gifts for our 2020 Fall Collection. This collection is filled with items inspired by Native American and Western culture. Watch the video above to view our featured items in this collection.
Wild Wings is proud to present Anthony Padgett’s newest artwork. Enjoy a time lapse video that shows how he created this stunning painting from beginning to end.