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Get ready for Christmas this year by adding new Santa figurines to your holiday décor. Explore new outfits including a cowboy duster with a leather boot, a wool woodsman jacket with a wolf, a plaid outdoor getup, a Native American leather coat with a dreamcatcher, and much more!

Celebrate the holidays with Wild Wings this year! Explore our new October 2020 collection which includes the best nature inspired holiday decor and gifts available. Be at home with nature this year during the holidays with Wild Wings. 

We have been working for the last several months to curate a beautiful collection of art, décor, and gifts for our 2020 Fall Collection. This collection is filled with items inspired by Native American and Western culture. Watch the video above to view our featured items in this collection.
Wild Wings is proud to present Anthony Padgett’s newest artwork. Enjoy a time lapse video that shows how he created this stunning painting from beginning to end.
In this art lesson, I use acrylic paint to create a beautiful lake scene, which I have titled “Tranquility II”. Using just few colors and some simple techniques, I will show you how to create a stunning landscape that depicts a foggy morning on a lake.
Wild Wings‘ Master Artisan Canvas Collection combines old-world craftsmanship with exquisite materials and cutting-edge production technologies to produce remarkable Limited Edition canvas artwork.  Published in highly collectible edition sizes, these paintings are perfect for those who appreciate exclusivity and desire heirloom art. Each piece is hand-embellished by skilled artisans, enhancing the luminosity and captivating the details of the artist‘s original brushwork.
Refreshing your cabin décor can seem like a daunting task, but there are some quick updates you can make to your bathroom that will give it fresh rustic style. Redecorating your cabin bathroom with these top tips for creating a nature-inspired look is easy. These home décor suggestions can be applied to master bathrooms, guest bathrooms, and powder rooms.
Stained glass art is one of the top trends in modern home décor, inspired by the classic designs of Louis Comfort Tiffany and the beautiful cathedrals of Europe. This breathtaking craft transcends time and genre and has become a popular format in nature-inspired art. Artisans have developed new methods of producing these works of art, making them accessible and affordable, yet no-less stunning. The following guide lists some of the best stained glass window art that features wildlife and captures the beauty of nature.
The art you hang in your home reflects the things that are most important to you, and if you love horses, there are some amazing options for equestrian art and home décor available. From highly collectible Limited Edition prints to sculptures of horses, there is a wide range of impressive pieces available, created by established and emerging horse artists. Here are the top six types of art featuring horses, perfect for your living room.