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There are probably endless ways to design and decorate a home bar and numerous home bar ideas including bar glassware, accessories, decorations, and furnishing. At Wild Wings, we have our ownunique take on decor for your DIY home bar decorating project.

For outdoor spaces of homes, for example, the outdoor decor can often be designed to reflect the architectural style of the home.

From the beginning of interior decorating, homes - however humble - have made use of images hung on walls or perched on shelves and furniture. From paintings and cross stitch samplers, to daguerreotypes, to modern photographs and limited-edition art prints, artwork has been a staple of home (and cabin!) décor for centuries.
Wildlife has been a common theme of artists since the earliest cave paintings from the Neanderthal era. And, in the last few centuries, wildlife art has been utilized for decorating manors, mansions, family homes and rustic cabins all across North America and in many parts of the world. 
The term wildlife art often evokes images of paintings depicting bears or cougars, and perhaps an elk or an eagle. And, while these are indeed common and majestic subjects of much wildlife art, deer art is perhaps as ubiquitous in wildlife art as the deer themselves. 
Wild Wings offers exclusive and high qualitystained glass artfor sale in several designs, including nature-themed shapes and images from well-known paintings of wildlife art.