Our big game sculptures are perfect for your den, trophy room, or hunting cabin. Our series of birds perched on fenceposts make for wonderful rustic centerpieces that you can change with every season. 

Nothing brings an animal to life quite like a tabletop sculpture sitting on your desk or end table. The glossy shine of polished oak, the weight and heft of cast bronze, or the brilliantly clear etching in true crystal all show off the beauty of nature in their own special way.

A grandfather showing his grandson how to bait a hook, two bison locking horns on the prairie, or a humble cross stretching its way towards the sky. Wild Wings’ selection of tabletop sculptures has something for all of your decorating needs.

An adorable kitten or puppy sculpture is a great gift to remind a loved one of a pet or companion from long ago. Look through Wild Wings’ selection of hundreds of tabletop sculptures and pick out the best one for you!