Animal paintings, sculptures, and wall art have been a part of home decor as long as humans have had homes to decorate. Animals are a captivating source of inspiration for us. Whether they’re cute and cuddly or fierce and majestic, animals have always been an important subject for art and decoration.

Exotic animals from the steaming savanna to the frigid arctic to the silent ocean. Everyday animals that you see on the farm, from the tree stand, or in your own backyard. Your loving dog, cat, or other pet that you share so many warm memories with. Animals fill so many parts of our lives and all of them are can be represented differently in this great animal art.

By far our largest subject, Wild Wings has well over 3000 pieces of animal art available for your selection. Pick from wild and exotic animals from all corners of the planet, the everyday working animals that you see on the farm, from the tree stand or in your yard, or some of your pets and closest companions.

Need more animal decor? Check out our animal nightlights, or animal tracks designs to complete your themed room or gallery wall.