Sometimes you’ve just got to fill up a bag with the essentials and go. Whether it’s to the beach, out on the lake, to a ball game, or for a night at the cabin you need a sturdy, non-nonsense bag to get the job done. Check out Wild Wings’ selection of over a dozen totes and weekender bags for your next outing.

For something tough and simple there are canvas totes available in cream, green, camel, and a number of other colors. You can add a little patriotic flair to your bag with bald eagle stitching or other designs like deer, hummingbirds, or pinecones. Or pick out a leather bag that you know can take a beating and still look stylish. Make it a gift with a personalized set of initials for someone special.

If you need a tote or weekender bag to grab and go, look no further than Wild Wings’ selection for your next trip.