Wild Wings animal figurines & sculptures are created by master artisans who closely study each species in real life and through photography.  They sculpt each animal in fine detail, using strokes that accentuate every bit of fur.  They hand-paint each animal statue, using natural colors that highlight the nuances of the creature’s coat, paws, and claws. 

Not only do our sculptures provide a lifelike representation of wildlife, but they also portray the spirit of these gorgeous animals.  Central to that is the way our wildlife sculptors capture the creature’s eyes and the artful way in which they bring out the animal’s muscle structure, implying movement and grace.

Whether you are furnishing your cabin or want to fill your home with your favorite animals, Wild Wings wildlife sculptures are the best decorative accents available. These pieces are available in compatible sizes, enabling you to create beautiful ensembles of nature’s most beautiful creatures. Collecting our animal sculptures can be a fun family tradition that you can enjoy with your loved ones. 

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