Everyone has a different style of wearing bracelets. For some, it’s a functional accessory that can go with your jewelry or the rest of your outfit. For others, wearing six or seven different bracelets at once is a great look. Sometimes it’s just a single bracelet that carries a lot of meaning that you bring everywhere you go. Whatever your style is, Wild Wings has dozens of bracelets for you to choose from.

Materials range from leather, horsehair, minerals, and different types of metals including the classic polished silver. Styles can be basic like bands and cuffs or ornate chains dripping with charms in the shape of feathers, horseshoes, leaves, paw prints, pines, hummingbirds, snowflakes, and other fantastic images.

Know someone who has jewelry that matches one of these bracelets? Give them something great to go along with their look or pick up something special for yourself. Either way, Wild Wings will have the bracelet that you’re looking for.