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Snow Day - Limited Edition Canvas

Snow Day - Limited Edition Canvas

by Zac Kinkade

© Zac Kinkade

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Few words bring more excitement to a child’s heart than a parent’s morning announcement of a “snow day.” School has been canceled, and there is nothing to do but sled down hills, build snowmen and pummel your siblings in a snowball fight. For children, it is a day of unbridled joy. For parents, however, it can be trying. Work still needs to be attended to while kids slog in and out of the house, changing clothes, wanting hot chocolate, and generally creating confusion. In my work, Snow Day, we find that this tradition of family dynamic spreads even to the animal kingdom. A bear cub looks back at his mother, wondering if he can find a playmate to enjoy the frosty day. The mother looks down with loving patience, knowing that there still is foraging to be done before the two might enjoy a winter’s hibernation. As all families do, a compromise will be met between play and the practical, so both mother and child will realize the fruits of their snow day together. I hope you find some nostalgia in this snapshot in the life of a family, and, as always, I want to thank you for sharing my adventures in art.

Limited Edition Canvas

Zac Kinkade Limited Edition Canvases are made with the finest materials and latest production technologies to produce extraordinary canvas artwork. Our reproduction process captures not only the color and mood of Zac's original painting, but the actual brushwork as well. Every piece is hand-retouched by skilled artisans, giving the painting a look almost identical to the artist's on-easel original.


  • Premium Canvas
  • Hand stretched on hardwood
  • Hand highlighted with fine acrylic paints by skilled artisans
  • Long-life pigment inks that outperform conventional press inks.
  • Edition number is applied to each Canvas Limited Edition
  • Individually numbered Certificate Authenticity matched to the art piece
  • Engraved brass nameplate included.
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