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Great Eight—Whitetail Deer

Great Eight—Whitetail Deer

by Michael Sieve

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The Great Eight - Whitetail Deer painting is perfect for anyone looking to add some character to a rustic or traditional interior, the remarkable detail of the design will instill a natural touch to any space it’s in. For the hunting fanatics among you the Great Eight - Whitetail Deer painting is an absolute must-have as it’s an original Michael Sieve, a wildlife artist who captures the essence of the outdoors as he’s worked on farms and hunted since he was a child - this essence can be seen throughout the design. “Many whitetail bucks are eight pointers when they are young. A few have only eight points when they reach maturity. Fewer still grow very large impressive racks as mature eight-pointers. Those that do are called 'Great Eights.'”

Open editions available in the Great Northern Art® Collection in two print sizes; Premium Size (17" x 23") and Mini Size (5" x 7").

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