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And Crown Thy Good with Brotherhood - Encore Canvas

And Crown Thy Good with Brotherhood - Encore Canvas

by Terry Redlin

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Modena Vintage

“There was something about the opening up of America that seemed to bring out the best in people. It was probably the need to cooperate in building a new way of life from scratch. The holiday season was only the most obvious example of this impulse. Times were slowly getting easier. Electricity had arrived. Automobiles were no longer oddities. And good will extended beyond human neighbors to the wildlife, with corn and a salt lick offered to the curious deer.”

Open edition canvas art print from the Encore Canvas Print Collection. Image size, 14" x 24". Framed size 20-1/2" x 30-1/2" with 2-3/8" Dresden Black finished moulding, 1-1/4" flax liner in oyster, and brass nameplate.

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