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Ascendance - Limited Edition Paper

Ascendance - Limited Edition Paper

by Ashley Rader

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Satin Black Paper
Space Gray Paper
Wildwood Paper

About the Image

As the artist behind "Ascendance," I aimed to capture the essence of the majestic elk in black and white. Through my skillful use of Realism/Realistic technique and monochromatic palette, I created a timeless and sophisticated piece that invites viewers to appreciate the intricate details of the animal's features. My painting is a celebration of wildlife and serves as a reminder of the importance of preserving and protecting these magnificent creatures. I believe any art lover or wildlife enthusiast would be honored to add this large elk painting to their collection.

About the Product

Wild Wings Limited Edition Paper Prints are made with the greatest attention to detail and color accuracy; rest assured that these are the finest, most desirable Wild Wings paper prints available. Each is printed on premium heavyweight (100 lbs.) archival papers with superior fade-resistant inks. Every paper reproduction is individually numbered and comes with a matching Certificate of Authenticity.

Paper Framing

With each frame offered, we take great pains to preserve the Limited Edition integrity of every print. Placed between 1/8" shatter resistant Plexiglas and rigid foam core backing, at no time does any mounting adhesive comes in contact with your piece. Finished with a heavy craft paper backing and a coated wire hanger, the finished framed art not only displays beautifully but protects the art for years to come.

Framing Features

  • Premium Museum Quality Mouldings
  • Shatter Resistant Plexiglas
  • Heavy Craft Paper Finished Back
  • Coated Wire Hanger
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