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Anticipation-Boy, Lab & Mallards

Anticipation-Boy, Lab & Mallards

by Rosemary Millette

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The Anticipation - Boy, Lab & Mallards features a young boy decked out in his father's camo jacket and favorite cap, this young hunter waits for the right moment, while seated next to him a well-seasoned lab holds steady. This painting takes you back to a simpler time where the stresses of everyday life were yet to rear their ugly head, it’s just you, blue skies, a gentle breeze and your trusty mutt and some quacking mallards. The Anticipation - Boy, Lab & Mallards painting is a must have for the sentimental among you, the vibrant blue, green and gold shades will instill a sense of childlike wonder to any wall it’s featured on.

Original acrylic painting featuring a young hunter, his yellow lab, and a group of mallards by Rosemary Millette. 22" x 32"

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