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Garden Of Eden - 14" x 14" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

Garden Of Eden - 14" x 14" Gallery Wrapped Canvas

by Zac Kinkade

© Zac Kinkade

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Gallery Wraps are perfect for any space. Each wrap is crafted with our premium canvas reproduction techniques and hand wrapped around a deep, hardwood stretcher bar. Hung as an ensemble or by itself, this frame-less presentation gives you a versatile way to display art in your home.


  • Premium canvas substrate
  • Hardwood stretcher bar
  • Certificate of authenticity included

Image Notes

The story of creation is one of the most compelling narratives in the Bible and was an exciting challenge to capture in oil. In this work, I not only wanted to depict the beauty and essential nature of the Garden of Eden but I attempted to give vision to those first moments in time when God created the universe and separated the light from the dark. In looking at the Tree of Life, one can see the cosmos unfolding in its branches as the divine plans for all reality make themselves apparent in the bark. Each of the 6 days of creation are there and represented. Adam and Eve look on as creatures of the land, air and water come forth into the glory of the garden. In the garden, life from the entire world is represented. And finally as light came from dark and creation from the void, so did corruption arise from perfection in the garden as the serpent appears in Eden. The Garden of Eden is the last title in my first series of Bible Stories. I hope you have also enjoyed the other paintings completing this collection; Noah, Jonah, and Exodus and, as always, I want to thank you for sharing my adventure in art.

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