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Evening Solitude—White Egret; Artist Proof Edition (AP)

Evening Solitude—White Egret; Artist Proof Edition (AP)

by Lee Kromschroeder

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“As the evening sun puts a shower of golden sparkling light on the wetlands, a quiet calm descends. We see the brilliant white of an American Egret set in perfect balance with the reflected sun.”

–Lee Kromschroeder

Wild Wings' Master Artisan Canvas Collection combines old-world craftsmanship with exquisite materials and cutting-edge production technology to produce remarkable Limited Edition canvas artwork. Published in the highly-collectible Artist Proof (AP) edition sizes, these paintings are perfect for those who appreciate exclusivity and desire heirloom art. Each piece is hand-embellished by skilled artisans, capturing the details of the artist's original brushwork using fine acrylic paints. Long-life pigment inks outperform conventional press inks, ensuring the vibrancy and longevity of your artwork. Choose from five hand-crafted, museum-quality wood frames to complement any home decor.

Each piece includes:
- Hand-painted embellishments
- A numbered Certificate of Authenticity
- Individually-engraved brass nameplate
- The artist's unique gold foil
- Signature by the artist

Published exclusively by Art Brand Studios. Available in three image sizes. Also available in Standard Numbered and Studio Artist editions.

To learn more about the Master Artisan Canvas Collection, read our blog post here!

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