The Joys And Benefits Of Birding - Wild Wings In Nature - Wild Wings

The Joys And Benefits Of Birding - Wild Wings In Nature

The Joys And Benefits Of Birding - Wild Wings In Nature

Are you a birdwatcher?

A Wikipedia entry provides a succinct description of birdwatching,

“Birdwatching, or birding, is a form of wildlife observation in which the observation of birds is a recreational activity or citizen science.”

For some, it is an occasional activity that provides a few hours of birdwatching enjoyment now and again. For others it can be an all-consuming interest that involves entire vacations oriented around serious birding expeditions.

In fact, many practitioners of the sport make a distinction between being a mere “birdwatcher” and a “birder.”

As one source described it,

“If you notice birds while traveling, you’re a birdwatcher. If you travel to see birds, you’re a birder. If you drive to see a rare bird in Maine, you’re a birder. If you go because your friend drags you along to see it, you’re a birdwatcher.

If you can recognize a hawk, you’re a birdwatcher. If you can recognize the difference between a sharp-shinned hawk and a Cooper’s hawk, you’re a birder. Actually, if you even know there is a difference, you’re a birder.”

Birding for Fun and Science

Part of the beauty of birding and birdwatching is the enjoyment of wildlife at its most elegant: wild birds soaring, flying, or simply flitting about from tree to tree. For those more serious participants in the avocation, birding often entails trips into the countryside and even out into much more wild and remote locales.

Depending on where one lives, birding can be enjoyed in nearby parks or open spaces, and even in one’s own yard oftentimes. For those whose bent is towards engaging in what Wikipedia termed “citizen science” birding is an essential activity.

Birders and other amateur naturalists can contribute significantly to scientific data and bird conservation efforts.

As one article points out,

“Web-based community science applications, such as eBird, allow volunteer naturalists to put their hard earned birding skills to good use. With millions of checklists submitted to eBird to date, and more coming everyday, the observations of everyday birders are now a major and immeasurably important source of data for ornithologists analyzing bird distribution and population trends.”

Organizations such as National Geographic and The Audubon Society promote and host eco-tourism expeditions throughout the United States and in several other countries. These trips are designed to promote the bird and bird habitat protection and conservation efforts of various agencies and other organizations.

However, not everyone is inclined to travel to exotic lands or trek through deep forests and mountains simply to watch birds.

Most birdwatchers, it can be safely said, prefer the more casual outing with a light lunch, water bottle, and a pair of serviceable binoculars. In fact, for some, birdwatching is a therapeutic and even cathartic activity.

As one novice birdwatcher shared,

“I began birdwatching after placing a birdbath and several feeders in my backyard. I found that attracting birds to that space and spending time watching them and enjoying their company has helped me overcome much of my latent ornithophobia.”

The fear usually stems from a negative encounter with the animal, typically in childhood.

While some may find the thought of bird phobia amusing, those who do suffer from this condition are in good company. Famous people who allegedly suffer from this disease are Lucille Ball, Eminem, David Beckham, and Scarlett Johansson.

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