Bird sculptures, including duck decoys & figurines, are amongst the most celebrated wildlife art that we offer.  These lifelike representations of wild birds, songbirds, chickens, roosters, waterfowl, raptors, and exotic birds of prey are amongst the finest available to aviary collectors.  Featuring over 100 titles of tabletop and wall-mount sculpture, the Wild Wings' bird art collection offers works of art that highlight a variety of bird species in many classic, contemporary and lifelike styles.

From the dainty colors and vibrant feathers of songbirds like Robins, Orioles and Blue Birds, to the earthy and complex feathers of owls, our artisans faithfully recreate every detail of these beautiful animals. Our sculptors are wildlife experts and talented artists, thoroughly studying each bird they create, to understand their behavior, movement and spirit.

Whether you collect nature-themed fine art or you are a bird enthusiast that wants to fill your home with the joy of feathered friends, browse our collection of bird sculptures and you will be sure to several pieces that you will love.