Rosemary Millette

Celebrated wildlife artist, Rosemary Millette, is recognized for her unique ability of realistically portraying her subjects while expressing their spirit throughout her paintings.
This extraordinary South Dakota artist has been developing her natural talents and sharpening her skills since she was a young girl. Millette began painting at the age of five and even then found animals were her favorite subjects. Greatly inspired by her hometown hero, David Maass, Millette recalls being in awe of the breathtaking beauty of his artwork and that of other midwest artists. The founders of modern wildlife art continue to influence Millette and she considers their contributions among the most significant in the history of art.
With her talent and desire to be an artist growing, Rosemary Millette knew she was destined for a career in the field. While continuing to pursue her personal course of study, Millette received formal training in commercial art. After completing her education, she spent seven years as a graphic designer. Through that experience Millette learned to approach her work with vivacity and gained greater discipline.
Whether her painting features elk, pheasants or chickadees, her mastery of skills is apparent. By carefully studying her subject matter, Millette realistically portrays each animal’s physical structure and tone. Yet her paintings offer the viewer more than a photo-realistic representation. The use of light and color, the composition, and the perspective of each complementing background reveal and reinforce the spirit of the animal.
Millette shares her career in wildlife art with her family. In fact, she considers her husband, Dave, to be a partner in her work. His skills as an avid hunter and knowledge of habitat have assisted Rosemary immensely from locating her subjects to helping her with the final critique. Their son Tony has also shown an interest in the family business. The Millettes all enjoy photography and travel extensively to capture nature in action.
Throughout her career, Rosemary Millette has been especially proud of her work with conservation groups and other organizations who celebrate the art of nature. Her work has been chosen for over a dozen state conservation stamps. Millette has worked with such groups as Pheasants Forever, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Minnesota Deer Hunter’s Association. She has also been a “Featured Artist” or “Guest Artist” at many wildlife and nature art shows and has won numerous awards at those events.