Mia Lane

The color and life that characterizes Mia’s acrylic and oil paintings of animals and nature stem from years of observation that started when she was a young child. She was drawn to anywhere there were animals, making sketches and notes in the woods, or making friends with all the neighbors’ cats and dogs.
Mia Lane was born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1955. After graduating in 1976 from Sheridan College with high honors and an award for Excellence in Illustration, Mia then worked as a designer and illustrator for the Halton Region Conservation Authority. In 1985, her first child Rebecca was
born, then Kyle in 1987. She has been working full-time as an artist since 1984, as much as a mother could with two children at home!
After college, she worked and trained extensively with Irish Setters in the Upland Game Field Trials, as well as competed and worked her Border Collies in Sheep Dog Trials. This, and her experience as a farmer with her husband Robert, and breeder of dogs, rabbits, ducks, dairy goats, Angora goats and Suffolk sheep, has given her an in-depth understanding of the uniqueness of various breeds, animal behavior and anatomy. Before starting each painting, Mia makes numerous sketches and photographs of the animal, carefully studying the way it moves and the distinctive features and markings that characterize the species or breed, especially concentrating on “expression.” Color studies from the actual model and habitat help her with accuracy. Finally, she thoroughly researches the habitat to ensure that the animal is portrayed in an appropriate setting.
Recently, her involvement in plein air painting (outdoor painting from life) has had a significant impact on her work. Art workshops attended include painting the life model, as well as sight-size painting techniques with Michael John Angel, and Plein Air painting with artist Dwayne Harty.
Mia taught art at Sonrise Christian Academy for one day a week in 1990-91, and more recently conducted a very successful outdoor weekend painting workshop at the Sandbanks Provincial Park in 2005 for Loyalist College.