Guy Hobbs

Guy Hobbs is an entirely self taught artist who specializes exclusively in wildlife art. His paintings are collected internationally and he has won a number of prestigious awards and accolades.

Born in England he had a passion for both art and wildlife from a very young age. He is a self confessed 'bird-nerd' an interest that was kindled in his childhood during long walks with his parents.

His first experience of pristine wilderness came when he worked at a Safari lodge in the Kafue River Reserve in Zambia, surrounded by stunning riverine forest and some of Africas most spectacular wildlife.

Continuing his love for the wilder places of the planet he later relocated to the Kootenay region of British Columbia where he lived for nine years, before relocating to the South Shore of Nova Scotia in 2016. He considers himself very lucky to share his back yard with deer, bears, coyotes and racoons- not to mention a huge variety of birds.

Guy has worked for most of his career in graphic design and illustration, having established a successful agency while in England. During that time he has also been constantly developing his skills as an artist until he took the plunge and committed to his art full time. Since then he hasn't looked back, "I have the best job in the world" he claims.