David Wenzel

David’s interest in and appreciation of nature and wildlife as a youth dictated the direction he would take in his profession. He was given his first set of watercolors in fifth grade by an art teacher who hoped to inspire him, but would not realize the importance of that gesture until midway through his environmental studies at Kent State University where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree.
He strives to develop a style of art that captures the emotion of the wildlife subjects he studies. Working with watercolors and acrylics, his paintings must be aesthetically satisfying, serve as an honest portrayal of the subject and hopefully convey the special mood that influenced him to represent it in art. In this way he hopes to share his appreciation of nature and communicate to the viewer the beauty and importance of our wildlife resources.
David’s versatility, attention to detail and willingness to experiment with techniques have made his style of work very popular. He displays originals with galleries throughout the U.S. and his work can be found on product lines such as collector plates, puzzles, wall borders, children’s books, throws, rugs and calendars. David resides in Valley City, Ohio with his wife, Liz and children Brad and Brooke.