Dave Swartz

Dave began photography at an early age.  “My grandfather was an excellent photographer and inspired my deep seeded passion for the perfect shot,” states Dave.  “I live for the amazing capture, the light, the mood, the story told in an image. Photography, for me, is the perfect blend of science and art with limitless possibilities to create memorable moments in time.  Whether hiking to locations, sitting in a blind or waiting for that awesome sunrise, I can think of no better way to spend a day.  For me, it is magical to capture that incredible shot.”

Dave is well versed in numerous photographic styles such as portraiture, product, landscape, wildlife, events, weddings and aviation photography.  “All these disciplines require a different ‘eye’ in order to capture the essence of each story.  The challenges can be great fun and help to improve my skill set.”

Dave's images are displayed in publications with the Antique Aircraft Association, Piper Magazine, In Flight USA to name a few.  He has worked with many companies providing product and catalog imagery.