Dan Wiemer

“For me, the process is the product. My work is a reflection and response of my love of the natural world. I want my work to reflect an energy and directness. As a landscape artist, I paint both on location (plein air) and in the studio. Working primarily in watermedia, I utilize the opaque nature of acrylic and the transparent qualities of watercolor to create contrasts. I play with the shapes and textures of the landscape. I’m especially inspired by edges – not only edges of shapes, but edges of places – where the water meets the rocks, where the Canadian Shield rock meets the pines, where the woods meet the prairie.  I try to find rhythms in the scene that translate into exciting motifs. I don’t try to replicate nature, I try to distill, stylize and give the viewer my interpretation, something they can be a part of.”
Trained as a graphic designer (B.A. Iowa State University), Dan Wiemer’s career evolved from a commercial art director/graphic designer to freelance illustrator in 1988 and now as a full time fine artist. As a past president of the Minnesota Watercolor Society, he saw the endless variety of ways to handle watermedia. Dan continues to share his talents with other artists as a workshop instructor.  Through an artist exchange program, he was fortunate to spend three weeks in China painting and teaching. His original artwork is found in public and private collections throughout the United States.
Dan currently resides in the Mississippi River Valley of Minnesota where his preferred painting themes of trees and rocks are bountiful and varied.  He enjoys golf, morel hunting, agate collecting and studying nature.