Art Anderson

A life long resident of Wisconsin, Art Anderson is making a profound mark in the contemporary art world. Growing up in the Midwest helped fuel his desire to paint American nostalgia and beautiful landscapes.

After attending Art Instruction School and the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, Anderson worked as a commercial and graphic artist for twenty-five years. Though he has painted since 1964, he did not begin painting full-time until 1984. Anderson’s use of strong light and color is unique among contemporary artists. His favorite subject is landscape because “they give me an unlimited supply of exciting resource material.” He researches his subjects throughout North America constantly taking photos and doing field sketches.  

Anderson’s paintings are full of scenes from nostalgic America. He tells us that he is “an antique car collector and restorer and because of this, I feature old cars in my nostalgia paintings.” He is also interested in trains from the early twentieth century and frequently uses them in his paintings.