Winter Stroll


Scot Storm

As a youngster, Scot Storm discovered his talent for drawing, sketching and design. These skills eventually led him to North Dakota State University where he earned a degree in architecture. While working in this field, Scot’s love of hunting and the outdoors drew him to explore the challenges of wildlife art. In 1987, as a self-taught artist, he entered the Minnesota Duck Stamp contest and place second. Encouraged by the acceptance of his initial work he continued to enter stamp contests and enjoyed his first top award by winning the Indiana Pheasant Stamp competition.

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I wanted to capture the serene beauty of a chilly winter morning. The painting is focused on a close-up of a solitary grey timber wolf, walking along a snow-covered path. The wolf's fur is thick and fluffy, providing protection against the cold. Its eyes are alert, surveying the world around it.

The surrounding trees are completely covered in snow, creating a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. I used shades of white, blue, and grey to convey the stillness and coldness of the winter scene. The textures of the snow and the wolf's fur are detailed, adding depth to the painting. I hoped to convey a sense of mystery and wonder, as the viewer wonders where the wolf is headed and what its story might be.

Overall, Winter Stroll is a reminder to slow down, appreciate the beauty of nature, and be present in the moment.