Blankets, sweaters, and a friendly dog or cat are some of the warmest things you can have around when the temperature starts to drop. While we trust you to find the last two, Wild Wings is happy to provide you with the first two, particularly warm sweaters.

Choose from a number of different fits and styles. Go for an easy zip-up cardigan with flowers, butterflies, or cardinal pattern. For extra warmth, there is a bald eagle pullover with a shawl neck that’ll help when you forget your scarf. Otherwise there’s a reversable, button-collar cardigan that you can peel off once you work up a sweat out in the garden.

Sweaters are great to have around the house or car when you need that extra little bit of warmth while you wait for the heat to come on. They’re also great when you need to take the dog out for a quick walk when it’s a bit chilly. Whatever you use them for, Wild Wings has a great selection of sweaters for you to choose from.