To-do lists, shopping lists, reminder notes, mental math paper, and all sorts of other messages are a critical part of everyday life. For whatever reason you find, it’s good to have a pad of paper lying around to write on. Why not have your notes and lists feature a little Wild Wings flair?

We’ve put together a great selection of notepads in various shapes and styles. Choose from a standard lined pad for the counter or a thin magnetic one for those all-important fridge notes. For messages outside the household, there are sets of greeting cards and notecards in a wide variety of sizes. All stationery has beautifully painted countryside scenes, many with holiday themes for all of those thank-you notes.

Pick out a set of stationery to replenish your stock or replace the dull pads you’re currently using. Spread a little extra cheer this season with a set of stationery or cards from Wild Wings.