Get lost in the beauty of Wild Wings’ collection of songbird sculptures.  This assortment of tabletop, wall-mount and crystal sculptures are equally breathtaking. The dainty nature of these feathered creatures is captured in each artistic style.

Realistic statues of songbirds are highly collected.  Based on real-life studies and photographic material, the cold-cast statues feature popular songbird species like the goldfinch, chickadees, woodpeckers and robins. Wild Wings bird experts have created these pieces, sculpting each feather and hand painting each swatch of color, with an incredibly true-to-life result. You can almost hear the delightful sounds of hummingbirds, blue jays, and Baltimore Oriels when you gaze at these lifelike sculptures.

No matter what your goal is - to fill your home with lifelike statues of your favorite songbirds or to give someone a cheerful nature-inspired gift - our collection of songbird sculptures is sure to delight.