Riding The Sunset


Scot Storm

As a youngster, Scot Storm discovered his talent for drawing, sketching and design. These skills eventually led him to North Dakota State University where he earned a degree in architecture. While working in this field, Scot’s love of hunting and the outdoors drew him to explore the challenges of wildlife art. In 1987, as a self-taught artist, he entered the Minnesota Duck Stamp contest and place second. Encouraged by the acceptance of his initial work he continued to enter stamp contests and enjoyed his first top award by winning the Indiana Pheasant Stamp competition. Scot’s interest in wildlife art became such a passion, that in 1999, he decided to give up his career in architecture and devote himself full-time to painting. Scot was then able to challenge himself in every aspect of his creations from composition, to lighting, to the accuracy and psychology of color. His paintings of waterfowl, hunting dogs and other animals all reveal his attention to the fine details that breathe life into every image and draw the viewer into a scene. Scot is best known to sportsman across the country for his images of waterfowl, pheasants and dogs in the field. His image graced the 2004-05 Federal Duck Stamp and he has won numerous state conservation stamp contests. His prints have raised thousands of dollars at conservation fund-raising banquets across the country. His most recent honors include Ducks Unlimited 2005 Artist of the Year and Pheasants Forever 2006 Pheasant Fest Featured Artist.

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In Riding the Sunset , I aimed to capture the mesmerizing beauty of a sunset over a wetland in the Sacramento Valley. The painting depicts the sky in hues of orange, gold, purple and blue, with the sun setting behind the distant hills. The wetland below is reflected in the calm waters, adding depth and texture to the scene. In the foreground, a flock of Canvasback ducks is flying in to roost for the night. Their wings are outstretched, creating a dynamic sense of movement and energy.