Raptors are fascinating. They seem to float effortlessly on the wind high above but up close you can almost feel their raw power. These magnificent birds have been symbols of strength and determination for people going back thousands of years.

Wild Wings’ selection is expansive and has a fantastic collection of raptors to choose from. Quick and agile kestrels, the familiar red-tailed hawk, the fierce and intense goshawk, and the brilliant golden eagle are all available for the admirer of raptors. And of course, there is a fantastic selection of bald eagle sculptures. For the patriot or the nature lover who wants a reminder of America’s most beautiful bird, there is a bald eagle sculpture for everyone’s tastes.

With over a dozen raptor sculptures to choose from, there are plenty of styles to match your home’s décor. Bronze style finish, realistic wood finish, or beautifully detailed hand-painted sculptures are all represented in this impressive collection.