Preserving Our Heritage


Anthony Padgett

Anthony J. Padgett, a self-taught artist, has augmented his natural talent with extensive field studies of wildlife and their native habitats. Since 1992, Padgett has produced hundreds of original acrylic wildlife paintings and many limited-edition prints. Attention to detail, vibrant colors and strong sunlight rays are hallmarks of his style. Conservation fund-raising is a passionate interest for Padgett. His proudest artistic accomplishment to date was being named Ducks Unlimited 2008 International Artist of the Year. Other non-profit and conservation organizations such as Whitetails Unlimited, National Wildlife Federation, the Indiana Conservation Officers Organization, Boy Scouts of America, the National Wildlife Refuge Officers Association, National Hunter Education, Southern Illinois University and the Conservation Foundation have juried or commissioned his paintings for their fund-raising efforts. The All-Canada Show commissioned Padgett to produce two acrylic paintings in as many years. Padgett's original paintings were on display during the show’s nine-city circuit. Hunt Club Digest commissioned Padgett to paint a portrait of George H.W. Bush that will hang in the President’s library. Padgett’s originals, prints and licensing opportunities are now available through Wild Wings, one of today’s leading publishers, distributors and retailers of wildlife, sporting, and nostalgic/Americana art prints and art-related products.

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This is a painting of my childhood home. While our homestead was in the city of Belleville, IL, I always wished it was tucked away in the countryside... so I created this fall scene in my mind. Built in 1893, the homestead needed diligent maintenance to ensure its survival and maintain a small part of our midwestern architectural heritage. The ladder and the 1950's work truck capture one of those necessary moments of preservation in the home's 125 year history.