Everyone needs a nightstand. Those alarm clocks and phones have to sit somewhere close at hand so they’re ready to go tomorrow morning. And for those late-night readers, you’ll need somewhere to lay down your book, glasses, and set your reading lamp. Why not choose a nightstand from Wild Wings that matches your home’s décor?

Like our other home furnishings, we offer nightstands with rustic character. Grab an original nightstand made from reclaimed wood from old 1800s tobacco barns. With these beautiful structures coming down you can own a part of the country’s great heritage in your home. Or for a simple rough-hewn style, you can go for a white cedar nightstand with peeled log accents. Whatever your tastes, you’ll be sure to find something perfect for your bedside.

Great for your bedroom or any of the bedrooms at the lake house, cabin, or lodge. Pick out a tasteful nightstand for your home today!