We spend a lot of time in both the bedroom and the bathroom. With so much time spent in those two places, it’s important to keep them looking fresh with updated décor and furnishings. That is why Wild Wings has a constant stream of new décor available for your bedroom and bathroom.

For the bed or sofa, there are new throw blankets and pillows being added to the collection all of the time. Choose a set of pillows with wildlife, nature scenes, or floral patterns to match your home. Or go for a warm throw blanket with a southwest or nature pattern.

For all around the house, there is a great selection of rugs of different styles and patterns to choose from. For the bedside table, there are plenty of lamps in glass, cold cast, wood, and other materials. Or if you just want something special and personal as a gift there are personalized blankets, boxes, bags and more great décor for your friends and family.