The natural world is full of inspiration. Beautiful vistas, magnificent animals, or even the quiet comforts of home all move us to feel in different ways. Our artists are constantly channeling their inspiration and creating a steady stream of new art.

Funny and light-hearted, awe-inspiring and majestic, or peaceful and pleasant, whatever feeling you’re looking for is bound to have a new addition of art since the last time you checked the selection. Or take a look at our steadily growing personalized art and pick out something that represents you, your family, or someone you appreciate.

Have a scene in mind for your home? Some of our most popular scenes and subjects have new art added regularly. Fishing, birds of prey, patriotic, western, holiday, nostalgia, farm, Native American, and many more have great new artworks for you to fill that perfect spot in your home or cabin. Check Wild Wings’ hundreds of new offerings.