Misty Forest


Bob Metropulos

Robert Metropulos, Jr. developed his thirst for art in his early years while living in Cedarburg, Wisconsin, an historical art oriented community. It was artist Harold Hansen that got Metropulos hooked on art. With Hansen’s encouragment, the teenager soon pursued painting with a passion in his early watercolors of landscapes and old farm scenes. It was in the northwoods where Metropulos was soon captivated by the wildlife abounding around him. An old favorite, charcoal, was soon found in his wildlife portraits. When comfortable with his finished charcoal drawing, Metropulos begins working in oils. He now uses a variety of media in creating his wide-ranging art concepts, giving back to the northwoods, which has given to him. At present, Metropulos lives with his family in the island city of Minocqua, Wisconsin where he moved in 1983. “I find the Wisconsin northwoods to be an exciting, beautiful area that offers me the best of two worlds. When I’m not painting, I love to fish and hunt...it’s all at my doorstep.” Needing an outlet for his creations, Metropulos expanded his studio to Park Side Gallery in 1984. Metropulos has donated many of his works to Ducks Unlimited, the Ruffed Grouse Society, Trout Unlimited, Whitetails Unlimited, Northwoods Wildlife Center, and the Isaac Walton League.

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