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Michael Sieve

To capture the adventure and excitement of the hunt is to know the sportsman. To join forces in preserving and protecting habitat is to understand the conservationist. To identify the songs of the wind and relish callused hands is to appreciate the farmer. To see this combination in a painting is to view the art of Michael Sieve. Wildlife artist Michael Sieve grew up on the prairies of southwestern Minnesota. With his family running a farm, Mike and his four siblings understood early the value of hard work. As a reward his father, an excellent sportsman, took the children hunting on the lands surrounding their farm. Working on the farm and hunting with Dad provided Mike a strong foundation to build his now powerful relationship with the outdoors. That relationship has woven itself in and around nearly every aspect of Michael Sieve’s world. Sieve received his formal training in art at Southwest State University in Marshall, Minnesota. He studied modern abstract, impressionistic and surreal methods of painting. Despite this training, his personal style is dictated by his kinship with the outdoors. In viewing his realistically represented animals, the hunter’s perspective is evident. It is Sieve’s intent that his paintings illustrate the individuality and dignity of the subject and anappropriate, accurate setting for its habitat. To satisfy that requirement, Michael Sieve has worked diligently to obtain inspiration and reference material for his work. He is an avid photographer and has personally captured over 250,000 images. His spontaneous adventures include travels to Costa Rica, Belize and Africa, across Alaska, Canada and Mexico and throughout the United States. As he adds countries to his list of “Things To Do,” he admittedly marvels at the wonders right outside his door.

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Whitetail deer in a field near a river, with the twin cities metro in the distance and bow hunter aiming for him.