Merganser Hooded Swimming by Joyce Wilking


Joyce Wilking

Born and raised in central Minnesota with 10,000 beautiful lakes, rivers, ponds, lots of wooded areas, pastures and fields has taught me to appreciate the four different seasons we encounter, the changes in nature’s colors, weather, and the behavioral changes in birds, waterfowl and animals. Every season brings a new perspective of wildlife habits: flirting to find a mate, building a nest, raising their young, teaching them to fly, fish or hunt for food. I have always experimented with several different, creative art mediums. Since retiring I now have time to appreciate all the wildlife in our yard, on the lake and in our country neighborhood. My inspiration comes daily from the wildlife I watch. I like to capture my subject’s seasonal activities using acrylic paint to make them appear as realistic as possible. I’ve joined local community art centers where I was able to display some of my paintings, won awards at art competitions, have been an exhibitor at large juried art shows and continue to submit paintings to conservation stamp contests. Observing and painting wildlife is peaceful, relaxing and gives me great pleasure.

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Hooded Merganser Couple Swimming - Hooded Mergansers are the first ducks to return to our central Minnesota lake in the spring. We enjoy watching them try to get attention with their mating dances or chasing unwanted attention away. It's very interesting to watch the different shapes they make with their fan shaped crest. It almost makes their head look to big when it's completely open or they can collapse it down almost flat.