Our lanterns & solar power lights mean you can enjoy that yard you work so hard on at night too!  A nice lantern hung from a tree or fencepost helps you and your guests enjoy your property at night. With rustic options to suit many different decor styles, you're sure to find one you like. Galvanized metal and solar-powered lanterns with realistic wildlife images light up any room, garden, deck, or patio. 

Lanterns also make for great indoor lighting. Try a candle holder fashioned from rustic green metal in the style of old gas streetlamps. Or for some iconic western charm look at a lovingly detailed hurricane lantern with a convenient electric bulb. You’ll get all of the rustic, polished brass and glass charm of this lantern without the hassle of the wick and oil the pioneers had to use! 

Need more unique lighting options? Check out our lamps and nightlights!

Whether it’s in the yard or in the home, a nice lantern is always a great way to add some tasteful lighting to your life.