The American traditions associated with hunting are beautifully captured in lifelike sculptures by renowned nature artists. These three dimensional artworks are handcrafted, depicting hunters, their game, and their canine companions in fine detail.  The hunters’ emotions and their bonds with their hunting dogs come to life in Limited Edition Hunting Sculptures by famed artists like Mark Hopkins. Big game, small game and waterfowl, like elk, bear, moose, whitetail deer, pheasants and ducks are skillfully sculpted, the result a statue that replicates the features and essence of these animals.

Some Wild Wings’ hunting sculptures and statues are either cast in bronze, using the “lost wax” method, hand-applied patinas and a sealed wax finish. Others are cold cast and hand painted, resulting in a handsome tabletop sculpture. These sculptures are both highly collectible and make the perfect addition to your rustic home décor. If you are a hunter or someone special in your life enjoys hunting, these stunning works of art are a must-have for your home, office, man-cave or hunting cabin.