Anyone who’s ever looked through their cutlery drawer for a clean spoon while their ice cream melts in a bowl on the counter can understand why it’s nice to have an extra set of flatware around.

Sometimes you’re hosting Thanksgiving and don’t want to use plastic utensils. Or maybe you want a nice set for those special occasions that won’t get tarnished by day-to-day use. Or you just need an extra set to replace the hand-me-down cutlery you have at the cabin or lake house. Whatever your reason, Wild Wings has a fantastic selection of cutlery available for you to choose from.

Go with a western scrollwork theme to match your home’s cowboy décor. Or try a nature-themed set with bear, fish, pinecone, and other woodsy motifs. For something simpler, there are tasteful copper-colored flatware sets available as well. Whatever your need, you’ll be sure to find a great set of flatware at Wild Wings.