Nothing’s worse than a big ugly ring on your nice wooden coffee table. While a wood refinishing project is always a nice way to keep up with your home improvement skills, it’s better to just avoid the rings altogether with a tasteful set of coasters and coaster holders from Wild Wings.

Designs range from the classic Wild Wings images of deer, elk, moose, fish, pheasants, songbirds, and plenty more critters to coasters with funny quotes. Or go for a complete set of coasters and coaster holder with a neat shotgun shell set for the hunter in your life.

Don’t let your nice new coasters go missing! In addition to our great selection coasters, Wild Wings also offers plenty of coaster holders to keep those little guys from running off when you need them most. Go for a simple wire holder that’ll match with any set or go big with an antler or canoe-shaped one for an extra bit of flair!