Songbirds are wonderful to have around the yard. Little flashes of bright color, their sweet songs in the mornings, and some nice glimpses of nature during the long days are great additions to the yard. A birdhouse and feeder from Wild Wings will keep those songbirds chirping season after season.

Wild Wings has a number of seed feeders lovingly made with sturdy metal and rustic charm. Painted in bright colors and floral styles, they’ll add both color and bird movement to your yard. And don’t forget about the tiny hummingbirds! We also carry a beautiful hummingbird feeder for those rare and wonderful visits from nature’s tiniest birds. There’s also a rustic birdhouse to hang from your tree or outside your kitchen window so you can watch a young family of birds grow up and take wing.

Take a look at Wild Wings’ birdhouses and feeders to add a little color and life to your yard. Even though a mischievous squirrel might take a shot at the birdseed now and again we have to admit it’s nice to have their company too.