If your extended family is like most you have an economy of beds being traded from grandmother to daughter, cousin to uncle, or family friend to niece, and every which way you can to take advantage of the good furniture that’s already out there. But sometimes there isn’t an old bed available or there isn’t one that fits the look that you’re going for. For those times Wild Wings has a great selection of beds that will go perfect in your bedroom.

If there’s a bedroom in the cabin or lake house that needs a bed or the one in the guest bedroom is getting a bit too squeaky then look at Wild Wings’ beds. Try a beautiful handcrafted cedar log bed with real cedar, crossed in a woven pattern at the foot of the bed. It’s the perfect construction to really feel like you’re in the woods. Or for something with a classic rustic charm, there are beds made from reclaimed wood from 1800s tobacco barns. These beds make the perfect match for those with a western or country theme running through their home.