Backwoods Cabin by Terry Redlin


Terry Redlin

Few artists can rival the standards of excellence achieved by Master Artist Terry Redlin over the past 20 years. He is truly one of the country’s most widely collected painters of wildlife and Americana. For nine consecutive years, 1991-99, Redlin has been named America’s most popular artist in annual gallery surveys conducted by U.S.ART magazine. His induction in to U.S.ART’s Hall of Fame in 1992 followed the magazine’s poll of 900 galleries nationwide which that year, placed five of Redlin’s limited editions in the top 11 in popularity. Over the life of the poll, 30 prints have been included in that list. His use of earthy colors, blazing sunrises and sunsets and nostalgic themes are often cited as the reasons for his immense popularity.

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Somewhere is that special hideaway that puts us in close touch with the wild. When found, and if we are in the right mood, the roles between man and wildlife are reversed. The experience becomes the opposite of that offered by zoos, where we safely observe from behind a fence of glass. In this place we are surrounded by the grand variety of nature. We sense the myriad wild faces that have come to watch us. But there is no need to be alarmed. The wildlife at this backwoods cabin mean no harm. On this fresh morning, stroll down the steps from the hillside cabin. Sit by the lake, quiet and watchful. One of nature’s wonders, a trio of wood ducks, glide to a landing just across the inlet.