Owl Home Decor

Wise Owl Art You'll Love

Wise Owl Art You'll Love

You will love Wild Wings' collection of owl statues, prints, and canvases if you enjoy spending time outdoors. Our talented artists capture the natural beauty of the great outdoors and these wise, majestic creatures.

Creatures Of Wisdom & Nighttime Adventure

Whether it is their nocturnal habits or their piercing gaze, these birds have long been associated with wisdom and mystery. Many cultures view them as messengers of the gods; others consider them omens of good or bad luck. Whether you view them as lucky charms or wise advisers, there is no denying that they're fascinating creatures.

Perched Snowy Owl

Native to the arctic tundra, the majestic creature in this lifelike sculpture embodies wisdom. The cold cast material and hand-painted details lend this piece a stunning realism, while the naturalistic pose makes it a great addition to any room. This beautiful sculpture is sure to add a touch of majesty to any garden, patio, or home whether you place it in your garden or indoors.

Locked On-Northern Pygmy Owl

These birds might be tiny, but they have oversized personalities! This tough little creature displays a don't mess with me attitude, making it the perfect protector of your home. Whether you're an outdoorsy type or simply appreciate the beauty of nature, this painting is sure to add some charm to your décor. Enjoy this stunning limited edition artwork on canvas or as a print, available in various sizes to suit any wall.

Tawny Owl

The bird in this beautiful hand painted sculpture is perched atop a stump, surveying its kingdom. The piece is incredibly detailed, from the feathers to the large, liquid eyes. The perfect addition to any nature lover's décor, this work is sure to be a conversation starter. It would make an excellent gift for any bird enthusiast.

Tiger Of The Night - Owl

This rustic, nature-inspired limited edition piece of wall art features a moonlit barnyard setting. The bird's glittering eyes are a reminder that no creature will pass by unseen. Is he on the hunt or just guarding his territory? Any room will surely be enhanced by this piece's intrigue and mystery.

Long-Eared Owl

In this stunning sculpture, a long-eared owl is realistically and expertly crafted, with soft and lifelike feathers. But beware – piercing eyes warn you not to get too close! This conversation-starting sculpture will enhance any indoor space, whether you're a bird lover or just appreciate nature's beauty.

Who, Me? Northern Saw-Whet Owl

This enchanting gallery-wrapped canvas depicts its subject in all its natural beauty. Each detail of the bird's tawny, white-spotted feathers and sharp talons is intricately rendered. The muted colors create an earthy and calming effect, making it the perfect addition to any nature-themed room.

Owl Artwork that Inspires Your Sense Of Wonder

Check out Wild Wings' collection of owl wall art and sculptures if you're looking for a unique piece of woodsy-themed art to decorate your home or find that perfect gift for a bird lover. Find the perfect addition to your décor or gift-giving needs at our online store.

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