Wild Turkey Art For Thanksgiving

Wild Turkey Art For Thanksgiving

Your fall decorating ideas might start with pumpkins and leaves, but they don’t have to end there. Turkey wall art brings everything we love about the season's beauty indoors. Browse our selection of nature art prints to get an idea of how wild turkeys can accent your Thanksgiving decor.

Wild Turkey Paintings

A Dreamy Strut & Backroads Backdrop

In Wild Turkeys, a small flock is captured by Rosemary Millette as they strut near an overgrown backwoods road. Three hens and a gorgeous butterball of a Tom stand tall among grasses of yellow, orange, and green. A soft, misty sky adds a dreamy quality to this wildlife art, making it ideal decor for any relaxing or lounging space in your home.

Red & Green Cluckers At An Old Farm House

The three turkeys in Jack Hagerman’s Spring Rounds stand out from yellow flowers, steel blue mountains, and fields of grasses as far as you can see. Each bird's plumage almost seems reflective of the lush surroundings, but nothing else catches the eye quite as much as those beautiful scarlet necks. The sleepy old farmhouse out back gives the scene a rural flavor, perfect for Thanksgiving decorating.

Gobblers In A Dappled Sunlit Forest Scene

Millette’s Woodland Splendor adds a touch of magic to a dining or living room. This quiet morning painting of wild turkeys is set in sun-dappled wood. You can almost hear the crackling of dry leaves beneath the hocks of each little hen as the tom peers out at us, curious and majestic.

Snacking Turkeys At Sunrise

The star in Michael Sieve’s Golden Fan Club is the great, golden fan of a tail on the tom of this hungry flock. The morning sun lights up snoods, wattles, and that glorious tail as hens peck and hide alongside a newly sprouting field. If nothing says Thanksgiving like all of that proud plumage, this may be the wall decor for you.

The Whimsical, Colorful, Proud Tom

For a tablescape with a little more fun than flair, we invite you to check out Proud Tom Turkey by Marjolein Bastin. Fall squash, berries, and a bright border all surround the turkeys in this canvas painting. The splashes of orange and lush greens can’t help but exude happy vibes over your fall gatherings.

Shop Wild Turkey Art For Thanksgiving Decorating

Dress up your walls for guests and fall feasting with wild turkey artwork from Wild Wings. Our Thanksgiving wall decor includes even more than these fabulous fowl. Explore our selection of nature art prints for your favorite furred or feathered fall friends, and place your holiday home decor order today.

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