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What is Western Art?

What is Western Art?

Western art encompasses a wide body of art depicting cowboys, Indians, horses, and other aspects of frontier life. This art is set in the North American west stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the modern Mississippi River. Whether it's through canvas paintings or other forms of design, art from this genre is steeped in nostalgia and beauty.

More Than Just Cabins & Cowboys

What is Western Art?

When people picture the American West they often picture cowboys on horses and cabins in the woods. While these are popular themes in Western Art, the subjects vary as widely as the American landscape.

  • Western Landscapes Such As Mountains, Trees, & Rivers
  • Wildlife Such As Buffalo, Horses, & Cattle
  • Scenes From Childhood
  • Everyday Candid Scenes Such As Housework
  • Portraits Of Settlers & Native Peoples
  • Classic “Battle Scenes.”

Creating Serenity Through Canvas Paintings

What is Western Art?

The choice of simple seemingly uncomplicated subjects is a hallmark of the western style. The lack of busy activity in paintings makes them serene and wonderful artworks to own.

Some Famous Examples Of Western Paintings

Artists That Capture Western Art Landscapes

There are a few notable painters that have spent their careers perfecting the subject matter and capturing western art and the American landscapes perfectly.

Own a Piece of American History Today

Western art is much more than cowboys and horses. Paintings of the American landscape have the ability to capture the history of the American west and preserve it for generations to come. Owning one of these paintings is like owning a piece of history. To find your next painting, browse our selection of beautiful paintings online at Wild Wings.

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