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Western Art Transcends Geography

The Lure Of Western Art Transcends Geography

No matter where one lives in the United States and elsewhere, for many there is an irresistible allure to the American West.

They are drawn to imagery of majestic mountain sunsets, depictions of the vast expanses of open prairie and bison, or cowboys going about their daily tasks in the midst of a western winter landscape.

Whether it’s cactus, pine trees, or sage brush, and regardless of whether the terrain is wild and rugged, or serene and pastoral, the settings of Western Art have a special appeal to many people.

In Search of Western Art for Your Home, Lodge, or Cabin Decor

Wild Wings specializes in offering Western artwork that captures the spirit of the vast, open sky country with its majestic rivers, lakes, and rugged landscape that is such a central part of our American history. Perusing the Wild Wings stunning collection of western artwork is akin to a visual celebration of our American history and the western lifestyle that became such an iconic part of it.

And choosing artwork to add a western-themed ambiance will serve to set a distinct look and feel to your home or cabin.

We have hundreds of different Western art prints, original paintings, and wrapped canvas pieces as part of our Western wall art collection, from almost three dozen different artists. This simply means that you will be sure to find the right image for any room to add your own unique western touch.

Many of our featured artists as well as others better known for other styles are included in our Wild Wings Western Art collection.

From wild horses, elk, and buffalo to cowboys, hunters, and ranchers, the subjects of our Western Art images run the gamut of western iconography and motifs. Towering, snow-capped mountain peaks or bucolic farm settings, you can have your pick of locations that all bring out the distinct sense of place that is the American West.

Western Art: A Uniquely American Genre

The American Western Art Movement is often referred to by several different names including Cowboy Art, Western Art, Old West Art, or even American Frontier Art. Unlike many other well established art movements such as Post-Impressionism or Baroque art, this movement never had a distinct name or title associated with it.

However, it is, nonetheless, a distinctive and uniquely American art style.

According to one source, generally, the accepted starting point for this art movement was around 1840. Fortunately for fans of Western Art, this movement, or “period” has never come to an end and the subjects in the paintings are popular among artists even to this day.

Pioneer artists in the movement include John James Audubon, George Caleb Bingham, Alfred E. Mathews, and, of course, the famous Frederic Remington, whose work sought to capture the last glimmers of the “old frontier.”

Today, there are dozens upon dozens of well-known and rising artists closely associated with Western Art, Cowboy Art, and Native American Art.

Artists such as Chris Cummings, Jim Kasper, and Rosemary Millette are some of the most popular Western Art practitioners in America today. And they are featured artists here at Wild Wings.


“Crossing the Ridge” by Rosemary Millette

This beautiful and alluring painting depicts a remote area of Western Colorado, with the San Juan mountains framing the background and horizon, with a small group of mule deer.


“Red Canyon” by Chris Cummings

Set in a striking Southwest canyon, this trio of mustangs are beautifully captured in this memorable image by premier Western artist Chris Cummings.


“Lone Bull” by Jim Kasper

Artist Jim Kasper said of this painting that he had often seen old buffalo traveling alone across the American plains. He noted that,

“There is a loneliness watching their wanderings, but also a reassurance that the old bull is without danger as there is no predator that can harm him."

These paintings are but a few of the more than three hundred Western Art images that can be found at Wild Wings along with countless other wildlife images. From the hyper-realistic to the abstract and to the purely fun and fanciful, Wild Wings has artwork that is sure to fit any taste and decor.

A Stirring Selection of Western Art from Wild Wings

Wild Wings offers exclusive and high quality Western art for sale with over three hundred images available as paintings, limited-edition prints, wrapped canvases, and framed pieces by the nation's best western and wildlife artists.

Not only would these Western-themed art pieces be perfect in your own home, but they also make wonderful gifts for that person in your life who loves the outdoors and all things Western!

Our Western artwork features stunning original and limited-edition art pieces from artists such as Chris Cummings, Rosemary Millette, Michael Sieve, and Persis Clayton Weirs. Browse through our collection today to find the perfect piece for you, or a friend or loved one.

Wild Wings is the leader in wildlife themed art, and we pioneered the wildlife art industry with over 2,500 print editions produced since 1968.

Today, Wild Wings stocks over 1,000 outdoor and wildlife art prints representing 75 of America’s top artists and our Wildlife Art collection offers buyers the perfect combination of beauty, quality, comfort, and uniqueness.

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