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Top Cabin Décor Ideas

Top Cabin Décor Ideas

There's something special about a cabin in the woods. It's a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and relax in a cozy and well decorated cabin. Wild Wings offers a wide variety of themed home décor items that are perfect for any outdoor getaway. 

Top Cabin Décor Ideas

  • Rustic Log Cabin
  • Elegant Chalet
  • Hunter's Hideout
  • Cozy Country Cottage
  • Modern Retreat

Rustic Log Cabin

If you want to feel like an old-timey pioneer, consider adding some rustic furniture like a wooden trunk or cabin bedding like our king-sized Patchwork quilt. We also sell Wild West-themed wall art such as Pike's Peak or Bust and Moonlight Serenade that can make the décor more akin to times gone by.

Elegant Chalet

A chalet is usually slightly larger and fancier than other types of outdoor retreats. If you're looking to spruce up or "fancify" your cabin, consider adding one of our beautiful stained-glass wall hangings like Hummingbirds & Geraniums, Wild Hearts - Horses, or The Good Life. We also sell wine glasses and crystal sculptures for an extra dash of elegance and sophistication.

Hunter's Hideout

If you're a hunter, angler, or just someone who wants their cabin to look like a "man cave," Wild Wings has the perfect decorations for you. We have antler wall shelves, big game sculptures, and metal wall art of ducks and fish. Our Big Medicine Bison sculpture or Grand Bear Lantern Statuette would look great on an Iron Crank pub table.

Cozy Country Cottage

A country cabin filled with cottage décor is the perfect place to get away from it all and relax in nature. Our Ceramic Barn cookie jar or Quiet Time - Horses turntable can make you feel like a farmer living in a little cottage out in the countryside.

Modern Retreat

A modern cabin is a perfect place to get away from it all and relax in nature while enjoying some of the comforts of contemporary life. Here at Wild Wings, we sell electric lamps, cozy and colorful rugs, and kitchen accessories to make your stay in nature a bit more comfortable. Why not throw in a Flying Free, Colors of the Mojave, or Sunset Skies area rug for a more colorful theme?

Rustic Home Décor Delivered Nationwide

Whether you're looking to create that 19th-century log cabin feel, a fancy chalet, a cozy country cottage, a rough and rugged hunter's den, or a modern retreat, Wild Wings you covered. From wilderness-themed wall art to rustic rugs and sculptures, we have many styles to choose from. Place an order today to get your decorations and furnishings

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