Enamel Robin On Birch

Bring Spring Indoors With Flower Home Decor

Enamel Robin On Birch

Welcome spring with beautiful floral décor that celebrates the special bond between nature and man. At Wild Wings, we offer a wide range of nature-themed art pieces perfect for decorating your home. From enamel wall hangings to sculptures, paintings, and more, find the perfect piece of art to showcase your love of the outdoors. Here are six floral decor options for nature lovers.

  1. Wings Of Love - Enamel Wall Art
  2. Robin On Birch - Enamel Wall Art
  3. Bluebird & Apple Blossoms
  4. Chickadees & Lilacs
  5. Monarch Butterfly Sculpture
  6. Evening Rendezvous
  7. Picket Fence - Songbirds

1) Wings Of Love - Enamel Wall Art

This beautiful wire wreath depicts two happy lovebirds perched idyllically amidst the spring flowers. Choose between cardinals or bluebirds for this bespoke enamel wall hanging.

2) Robin On Birch - Enamel Wall Art

This adorable avian creature is a superb choice if you want to add another artisan-quality wire piece to your wall decor collection. Consider pairing it with Wings of Love on the same wall for a stylistic match.

3) Bluebird & Apple Blossoms

This soft and radiant candle lantern is a welcome addition to any spring home decor collection. The elegant galvanized metal and glass silhouette is punctuated by a sweet bluebird perched atop apple blossoms, providing tranquility, illumination, and warmth to your living space.

4) Chickadees & Lilacs

This picturesque scene features a pair of adorable little birds perched on a humble branch while the lilacs are in full bloom. Get it as a gallery-wrapped canvas, clock, or throw pillow for a unique twist. For multi-purpose floral home decor, Wild Wings is hard to beat.

5) Monarch Butterfly Sculpture

If you are looking for an art piece that “pops out” a bit more than a painting, consider browsing our spring sculpture selection. This 3-D rendition of the beautiful monarch butterfly is just as regal and majestic as its name implies.

6) Evening Rendezvous

This canvas painting by Terry Redlin is sure to illuminate your living room and make you nostalgic for childhood camping trips of ages past. Bring “the great outdoors” indoors with this luminescent sunset scene, and add this to your cart today.

7) Picket Fence - Songbirds

Nothing quite says “spring” like this picturesque still-life painting of a songbird choir perched on a picket fence while chirping a peppy tune together. This uplifting piece depicts an American Goldfinch, Black-capped Chickadees, a cardinal, and other adorable feathery friends joining each other in song. This flower wall art is a must-have for any gardener or birdwatcher.

Spring-Themed Nature Decor Shipped To You

At Wild Wings, we pride ourselves on delivering outdoorsy Americana art to nature lovers all across the nation. Our flora, fauna, and landscape scenes are perfect for celebrating the arrival of spring. Browse our collection today to find a piece that speaks to you.

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