Rustic Home Decor For The New Year

Rustic Home Decor For The New Year

Cute Bunny In A Field Pillow

Rustic home decor goes beyond simply decorating your walls with nature art prints. This New Year, the best rustic decorating schemes will incorporate a bit of the vibe in every piece in your home, from shelves to comfy throw pillows. When it comes to choosing the best pieces for your country-style decorating scheme, you can’t go wrong with these five pieces.

  1. Thomas Kinkade's Lovin' Life at the Lake Wood Sign
  2. The Deer Antler Spear Made By Wild Wings
  3. Grabbing a Bite 18” Decorative Pillow Designed By Marjolein Bastin
  4. Wild Wings’ Trio Bird Metal Wall Sculpture
  5. Rustic Canoe Display Shelf by Wild Wings

1. Lovin’ Life at the Lake Wood Sign By Thomas Kinkade

This lakeside cabin scene by Thomas Kinkade epitomizes the spirit of rustic home decor. The wood sign features one of Kinkade’s nature art prints, as well as a happy slogan. It reminds the nature lover that sitting on the front porch of a lakeside cabin is an excellent way to spend an afternoon.

2. Deer Antler Spear By Wild Wings

Talk about an authentic piece to add to your farmhouse decor! The deer antler spear by Wild Wings creates a dramatic focal point in any room. Created by talented Native American artisans, this hunting tool features a deer antler adorned with feathers, fur, and more.

3. Grabbing a Bite 18” Decorative Pillow By Marjolein Bastin

This sweet rabbit throw pillow features farmhouse-style artwork on both sides of it. On the front, a playful bunny peeks out from behind the tall grass. On the back, a grass and butterfly motif adds subtle country charm. Add this bunny throw pillow to the end of your sofa or to a corner armchair to add a bit of country charm to your rustic home decor displays.

4. Trio Bird Metal Wall Sculpture By Wild Wings

Given the majesty and the details of this wild geese art piece, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you’re witnessing the real thing. Made from 18-gauge steel and featuring realistic painted highlights, this piece of rustic wall art is bound to be a hit with nature lovers and hunters alike this New Year.

5. Rustic Canoe Display Shelf By Wild Wings

For rustic home decor enthusiasts, it’s impossible to go wrong with this set of rustic shelves. This canoe-shaped bookshelf offers you an excellent spot to store your wildlife knick-knacks, family photos, and even a few framed art prints. It’s made entirely of wood and comes with a medium-toned oak stain.

Final Thoughts On The Best Rustic Home Decor For The New Year

Surrounding yourself with rustic home decor in the New Year means immersing yourself in the cozy vibe that comes with this lifestyle. From rustic shelves shaped like canoes to nature art prints by Thomas Kinkade, you’re bound to find just the right piece for your rustic decorating scheme on this list.

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